Friday, October 29, 2021

Six Ways to Eat HealthIER on a Budget

1. Decrease the amount of animal products you consume. Dry beans and brown rice (Combined, makes a complete protein) is one of the healthiest and cheapest things you can buy. Additionally, you may be able to decrease your portion sizes of animal products which can help you lose weight, and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure! Many “American” portion sizes are nearly DOUBLE what is appropriate. 

2. Consider buying dry goods in bulk. Plain, raw and unsalted nuts and specialty grains can be pricey, but much cheaper when you buy in bulk. Amazon and Costco can be great options. I always buy raw, unsalted almonds from Costco. You can also try my favorite Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice on Amazon. The short grain brown rice has a better texture and taste in my expert opinion!

3. Drink more water and less of everything else. Coffee, tea and alcohol can inhibit your absorption of important nutrients. Alcohol can slow down your metabolism. Fruit juices are high in sugar and calories and devoid of fiber. Water is pure hydration and practically free!

4. As much as possible, stay away from anything that is packaged. Mainly shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Buy produce, animal proteins, legumes, nuts and grains. Whole Foods can actually be competitive when compared to more “bargain” grocery stores like Giant and Safeway for produce and even some animal products. Like all grocery stores, the cost mainly increases when you start buying the packaged and processed products at Whole Foods. 

5. Cut out foods that you don’t need and foods that can be replaced with healthier options. Have a sweet tooth? Grab some more fruit. Love chips? Go for plain popcorn instead AND pop it yourself. Un-popped popcorn is exponentially cheaper than chips. Fruit is cheaper than…well, prescriptions and hospital bills.

6. Purchase a combination of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruit. Fresh is always best, but frozen is a close second and usually a bit cheaper. My favorite frozen veggie is spinach. Quick to defrost and you can add it to nearly ANY dish! I also love adding frozen mixed berries to my oatmeal in the morning! 

Need guidance on what to eat? Want an extra boost to help meet your fitness goals? Need some creative ideas on healthy meals? Want education on nutrition that you never received in school? Do you find Doctor’s appointments valuable, but have never visited with a professional in nutrition? Doctors are indispensable resources to the health of our communities, but they aren’t a one-stop shop! You need a Registered Dietitian to help maximize your nutrition. Book an appointment with our favorite Registered Dietitians at Food Jonezi

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