Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Affordable and Maybe Even Trendy Workout Clothes!

Somewhere between middle school gym socks that went up to your knees, throwing whatever you could find on in college IF you even worked out and saving your money for cool clothes for your first REAL job, having cool clothes to go SWEAT in somehow became the THING. With Lululemon's $100 pants, $70 tops from Lucy, and $100 Nike sneakers, you can have an outfit to stink up that will run you more than a fresh suit for that important interview.

If you care more about something comfortable and effective, here are some tips for purchasing workout clothes that are affordable and may even have you looking like one of the cool kids in the gym!

1. First of all, there are few things that are worth splurging on.

  • Shoes! You may not have to spend $100. I think the most I have spent is somewhere between $70-$90. However, you do want good shoes to avoid injuries and enhance performance. Check out New Balance and Asics. My favorite running shoes are the New Balance 1010s. Still trying to figure out what my favorite training shoes are. Right now I am wearing the Asics Gel-Fortius that I'll give a B+. A little stiff, but they do the job! You may also consider getting fitted for shoes at a place like Pacers. (I have bought shoes from Amazon, Foot Locker and even EBay)
  • Workout gear to run in the cold in. Check out my previous blog http://foodfitpolitics.blogspot.com/2013/02/running-in-cold.html for more on this. And check out Marshall's!

2. Check out large discount stores that carry name brands. I will often head to the local Marshall's where I can find Under Armour and Nike gear for half the price or even less! Other stores to check out include Ross and TJMaxx.

3. Fabletics! Kate Hudson started a company making women's workout gear that is advertised as "Quality You Know for Half the Price." Become a member for free, first outfit is only $25, earn reward points for all purchasing, referring friends, and writing reviews! Your points WILL add up quickly and result in a free item! Click here to check it out! http://www.fabletics.com/index.cfm?action=friends.main#

4. Shop the sale and clearance racks at Macy's and other department stores. You should be able to score some deals that are 50% off on high quality brands.

5. Check out Modell's, City Sports, EastBay (I do not recommend the EastBay brand pants or Compression Shorts), Ebay, and Amazon that have discount rates and regular sales online and in store. And I almost forgot, Old Navy! While a lot of their clothing is of lesser quality, they do have some great workout tops that I own!

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